“Yoga doesn’t take time, it gives time” – Ganga White


As part of my passion for the field of Health and Well-being and as part of a personal exploration for what creates a peaceful, fulfilling and contented life, I have found a love for yoga. I believe it is one of the best forms of movement we can do for long term health both physically, mentally and spiritually. It helps prevent injury and disease and puts us in the best possible mental state so that we can bring the best of ourselves to our lives.

“Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live”

Jim Rohn

It’s such a simple thing (and the simple things are often the best) and yet the breath is the one thing that gives us life. So learning to use if effectively and move in tune with it creates ease. Simply put, without giving this our attention, there tends to be dis-ease. The choice now seems obvious to me and I would like to help others enjoy the benefits yoga offers.

Yoga classes 

Dawn’s yoga teaching is currently on hold as she is focuses on family and maintaining her own practice


“The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness into the darkest corners of the body”

Jason Crandell

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