As we come to the end of 2018 (or any year), I encourage you to take time out to reflect. We all create our own existence through the choices we make. So I encourage you to take stock and think about your needs, your desires, your challenges, the fears you might need to face, your unfulfilled dreams. Listen to your intuitive inner voice in those quiet moments and hear what it might be telling you.


The year is coming to a close

It’s time to stop and think about what you want to propose


To yourself for the New Year ahead

For it’s you that decides, if not then you’re led


By the needs of others and they’re not you

It’s important to decide what you want to do


What is it that makes your heart sing?

What talents do you have to this world to bring?


Don’t keep them secret or locked away

Because your shadow will haunt if you don’t let them play


Whatever you think you need to do

Maybe think again, think anew


We often behave as creatures of habit

And fail to reflect deeply on what we might want to exhibit


Or maybe it’s something to keep for ourselves

Whatever it is, I encourage you to delve


Deeply and fully into knowing yourself

To make sure the true self isn’t left on the shelf


We all have gifts to bring this world

With a little encouragement they can be unswirled


Drawn out, discovered, freed from hiding

There is no doubt there are things residing


In your deepest being

That lack of reflection stops us perceiving


So take a moment or three or four

Connect with yourself, allow yourself to explore


Soul and body and mind in full

Free up the things that make you feel dull


Take a look and face their challenge

Let them out and find a new balance


Create the space you need for change

With a little thought, it may not take much to rearrange


The way you run your days

So that 2019 can include your greatest plays


The fullest expression of your glory

As you start a new journey and create your own story


So I send my best wishes to you all

And hope in 2019 that you have a ball! : )


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