What clients say

“Before I met Dawn I felt a lack of connection within me. Through our conversations, Dawn has helped me open up and truly listen to myself which has in its turn deepened my connection within me. This has not only improved my quality of life, but it has also helped me choosing a work and lifestyle that suits me. Dawn has also helped me find acceptance of myself, and by working through her visual board activities I feel more prepared for life’s ups and downs.

I would highly recommend Dawn, since she is a creative and compassionate life coach who makes you feel comfortable discussing any aspect of life. I always leave my session feeling fulfilled having spent an hour with Dawn!”

Hedvig Wik

Legal administrator, Catholic Charities of the East Bay

“I came to Dawn when the challenges I was facing concerning work, home and health combined had become overwhelming. She helped me develop coping mechanisms that eventually allowed me to start to unravel the spaghetti city of challenges my life had become. This allowed me to start to move forward again. After all – tempis fugit.”

Marcie Terman

Chief Operating Officer

“Guildford Arts approached Dawn to take part in an exhibition mounted by Guildford Arts in sponsorship with Clyde & Co, Solicitors in Guildford.

For many years Guildford Arts and Clyde & Co have been in partnership providing exhibitions. The project is a rolling programme of three monthly exhibitions with ten artists from across the mediums, painting, printmaking, textiles, 3D ceramics, sculpture, glass and photography which are shown in the meeting rooms, access ways and reception of the offices.  Clyde & Co often use the pictures in the meeting rooms as a talking point with clients.

My name is Sue Dragon and I co-ordinate these exhibitions on behalf of Guildford Arts which is a charity ‘Promoting the Arts’.  At each exhibition, an artist is asked to present a fifteen minute talk about their work and how they approach it.  I asked Dawn to give the talk, and she gave a very interesting talk about the 6 images in the show at this exhibition and how each image signals a different artistic reaction in her.
There were 122 guests at the Private View and overwhelmingly people appreciated her talk and congratulated her afterwards.”

Sue Dragon

Co-ordinator Art@Work, Guildford Arts

“I approached Dawn at a time when my business was enjoying unexpected growth and I was looking for a positive coach to help me through this new territory without losing the balance with my personal life. From the very start Dawn was 100% focused on me and my needs. She listened and quickly grasped my particular scenarios, guided me through pragmatic processes to help me reach the desired goal, often challenging my thinking and behaviour along the way. Her support, knowledge and empathy help empower me to make some clear decisions and actions that have led to a bigger business, a clearly defined company proposition and a renewed balance with my personal life.”

Helen Bailey

Company Founder & Director

“I have enjoyed working with Dawn and she is excellent coach who has helped me in the following:

  • When I was being coached by Dawn I was facing uphill task/challenge in dealing with very sensitive issue that was possibly affecting my career and professional background. She was just GREAT in providing utmost support in helping me go through it. Everything seemed simple with Dawn wisdom.
  • Identifying some of the key hidden strengths and analysing situations in daily basis thoroughly with different perspective, to what I was used to from before. That helped me reflect and make sound improvements on my way of working as a leader/manager in the organization I was working for.
  • I loved the fact that time to time she would provide advice from her rich professional background in the past. This exchange of experience helped me understand that the challenges I was facing are usual in the world of management. On the other hand it helped me a lot to appreciate further that having such a coach was just ‘someone who understands exactly what needs to happen and what we go through as managers’.
  • Identifying some of the key hidden strengths and analysing situations in daily basis thoroughly with different perspective, to what I was used to from before. That helped me reflect and make sound improvements on my way of working as a leader/manager in the organization I was working for.”
Bujar Hoxha

Deputy Country Director for Syria Response, Save The Children International

“I found Dawn after suffering a serious road traffic accident. After receiving the appropriate medical care and clinical help with the initial psychological effects of experiencing such a trauma, I found that I still needed more support to manage those effects whist continuing with a very busy lifestyle.

Dawn provides another lens to view perceived challenges or anxieties in life, offering a gentle approach to question, examine and ultimately better manage such problems.

Together we have explored other areas where I believed I could improve my outlook and find more peace. Her empathy and inquisitive mind can be applied to any aspect of life, and to this end we have worked on such diverse topics as being the best father and husband I can be, to managing the sale of a business I helped found.

I cannot thank Dawn enough for the wonderful support she provides to me.”

Chris Bates

Company Founder

I saw Dawn at a time when there was a lot of change outside of my control both personally and professionally.

Dawn’s calm, intelligent and empathic approach allowed me to mentally and emotionally ‘stand back’ from the situation and gain different perspectives.

Through this process I was able to make some new decisions which led to beneficial changes that I initiated. I felt Dawn really listened and understood what I was going through which made me feel highly supported.

Leadership consultant

“We were fortunate to have Dawn present to the Guildford Coaches Group on the topic of Creativity in Coaching.

I’m delighted to say that she was very much appreciated by the 25 attendees who commented upon her authenticity and courage, her willingness to take risks and be vulnerable, her insights and depth; and her demonstrable coaching skills.

I’d warmly recommend her as a coach and as a trainer / facilitator.”

Kim Gregory

Founder, Guildford Coaches Group

“A great self-awareness excercise for both teams and individuals which leads to growth on a personal level, builds team rapport and opens the door to opportunity.

Dawn’s gentle and approachable nature coupled with an evident wealth of knowledge makes for a fantastic and memorable session.

From the outset participants will be aware of the safe and comforting environment created by Dawn, which leads to open and honest discussion in a non threatening format.

In a few short hours you will learn more about yourself, your personality and your business approach than you ever thought possible; key revelations which can be assessed, addressed and used for a better, more productive, and more positive future.”

Lesley Oman

General Manager, Regus

“Dawn has been so supportive and given me the confidence to deal with my issues.

She is an amazing listener and very perceptive in her comments. Her empathy is second to none and she is very intuitive. Working with Dawn always makes a huge difference and her sessions are always very creative.

Dawn always asks the right questions so that my mind becomes clearer and I know which directions I want to go in. She gives me the confidence I need to trust my instincts and my decisions.

I would have been truly lost without Dawns support and great life coaching. I would definitely recommend Dawn!”


Marketing Consultant

“You helped me reach goals that have been brewing inside of me for years but I never found the motivation or confidence to make them happen. I always looked forward to the sessions with you and was delighted with the progress each time.

Thank you so much for helping me change my life!”


Teacher, NHS

“I very much enjoyed the yoga session with Dawn, and found it very beneficial for both my body and mind. The session had the right balance between being active and challenging, and being relaxing.

The whole day afterwards I felt an endorphin rush. Dawn has a happy positive energy and gives really helpful and gentle feedback on how to improve. She  tailors her sessions in a way so that both beginners and more advanced yoga practitioners get a lot out of it.”


Change Consultant

“Having done Yoga once before and really not liked it I was very pleasantly surprised at how I loved Dawn’s class. The pace was just right for a beginner and Dawn explained the moves extremely clearly. Was very relaxing, I especially loved the 15 minute relaxation exercise, in fact I could do that for an hour! Dawn’s voice is perfect for Yoga, thanks very much.”

Debs Geaves

Office Manager & Badminton Coach

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