Let me take you from surviving to thriving

The ethos behind Dawn on You is to treat your heart and soul, your mind and your body with the greatest care and respect and take you on a journey to access your full potential.

I take you through an empowering process of uncovering and releasing so that the best ideas start to literally ‘Dawn on You’ and exciting paths open up in front of you . . . with ease.

We can take this journey together via my health and well-being coaching session, via my yoga teaching classes or one-to-ones or via creative sessions with me . . . or by a combination of approaches.

There is so much dis-ease in the world, however, we have a choice as to whether we join in with the dis-ease or make decisions for ourselves and our loved ones to do things differently.

Lost belief in yourself?

Feel like you’ve lost or never had belief in yourself? Work with me to start believing in yourself. Believe in you >

Got no spark?

Feel like low energy, stress, anxiety or low mood are hindering you from really living?
Work with me to free yourself and ignite your spark. Ignite you >

Feeling conflicted?

Feel conflicted, pulled in too many directions or ill-at-ease? Work with me to find inner peace and tranquility. Peace for you >

“You have helped me achieve things that I thought were not possible”

Get Inspired…


Watch a man’s incredible journey back to mental and physical fitness after pushing his body beyond it’s limits.


Embrace the feminine energy in the world to create a better planet for all. We are on the cusp of global change.


Make time to find inner peace in mind and body to allow your true wants and needs to bubble to the surface.

“You have empowered me. I now trust my own intuition.”


Do you want to start your journey to thriving?

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